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A Warm Welcome from the Team at Rising Star Academy!

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Every child is gifted. We want to give your child roots to grow and wings to fly! We shape the little minds to be the Rising Stars of tomorrow.

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Rising Star Academy provides personalised tuition for children from 4 t0 15 years, We offer exceptional study programmes tailored to meet the individual needs of you child, whatever their ability or aspirations.

We provide expert mentoring and teaching for all students giving them the opportunity to increase their confidence and reach their full academic potential, whether that may be a short-term boost in a specific subject, or to focus on the necessary skills to ensure exam success. 


Improving confidence, motivating through success and developing focus and concentration will bring the brightest possible future to your child. At Rising Star, our mission is to change your children's lives by nurturing the skills and attitudes to become the next generation's rising stars. We are passionate about supporting all children to thrive throughout their education and beyond.

Our Programmes

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Little Lawyer

Future lawyer? Other than academics we want your child to develop an analytical and critical thought process.

English Workshop

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We believe that practice makes perfect and we want your child's basic language skills strong and crisp.

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Our students are taught to develop a broad understanding and a concrete knowledge about the wider ranging theories of STEM.

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After School Homework Club

Sometimes students need just that little bit of extra help and sometimes the right help at a crucial moment can make all the difference,

  • How we nurture your child's individual inherent talents?
    We truly believe that every child is gifted and it is our duty to nurture their individuals talents and strengths. With that we aim to polish their inherent qualities and educate them to make their academic base strong enough for the future.
  • How do we do things differentlt?
    Our inspiring team of teachers employ interactive learning techniques that offer the highest level of connection with students rather than via computer or worksheets. What makes Rising Star different is that we make sure that your child will be provided with the most joyful and stress-free environment to learn.
  • What is our teaching method?
    Our tailored approach means we can support children of all abilities, beginning with a free educational assessment. We offer tuition for every stage, subject, and ability via our unique teaching method, incorporating learning through seeing, listening and moving.
  • Why choose Rising Star for your child?
    Rising Stars gives your child the opportunity for all round development. We focus on confidence, critical thinking and creativity. We take care of every child like our own and want to bring out the best in them. After all every child is a Rising Star of the future!

Want to find out more? Talk to us! 

Speak to our friendly team to find out how we could help your child fulfil their potential.

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Our Team looks forward to meeting you!

The team at Rising Star Academy are professional, experienced and passionate teachers who work together to provide the very best teaching. We know our subjects inside out, and we also know the demands that today's classroom places on children.


Our teachers have been trained to create motivating work plans to bring out your child's unique talents and to teach in a way that fosters independence and motivation.


Christine Lau

Christine is the co-founder of Rising Star Academy which she started together with Harriet. After attending boarding school in the UK where she obtained excellent A Levels, she gained her Bachelor of Laws from the London School of Economics. She also completed the PCLL programme at the University of Hong Kong.


Real teaching consists in drawing out the best out of yourself and this is why we founded Rising Star Academy. We aim to identify the potential of every individual we teach and help them to reach it by implementing the 'Dream Big Sparkle More Shine Bright' philosophy.

Harriet Yuen

Harriet is the co-founder of Rising Star Academy. She also obtained a Bachelor of Laws and completed the PCLL programme at the University of Hong Kong. 


Harriet has 10 years' experience running and growing businesses in numerous sectors, but most recently focused on education. She is a dedicated teacher who brings a wealth of experience to Rising Star. She is the main point of contact in all matters, so you will reach her whether you phone, email, or message us.

Ms Mak
Academic Consultant (STEM)

Ms Mak is our lead academic consultant for our STEM programme. Following her completion of her BSc (Hons) in Mathematics at the University of St. Andrews, she went on to obtain her MSc in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Oxford.

Mr Dan
NET (English)

Mr Dan is our Native English Teacher. His lessons are fun and engaging. He mainly teaches Letterland Phonics, Storytelling and English Oral.

Ms Hilary
Teacher (English)

Ms Hilary is studying in the UK right now. She achieved 5** in the HKDSE English exam and an overall 8.0 in her IELTS exam. With more than 2 years of teaching experiences, she strives to make lessons interesting and fun for students. 

Ms Terrie Wong
Teacher (Chinese)

Ms Wong is studying Global China Studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She achieved 5* in the HKDSE Chinese exam. She had more than 3 years of teaching experiences. 

Ms Chung
Teacher (Chinese)

Ms Chung is studying Marketing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She achieved an overall 5* in the HKDSE Chinese exam and a 5** in the reading paper. She had more than 3 years of teaching experiences. 

Ms Ho
Teacher (English)

Ms Ho is studying Physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham in the UK. Prior to university, she studied at Harrow International School. She achieved an overall 8.0 in her IELTS exam. She had more than 3 years of teaching experiences. 

Mr Mak

Mr Mak is studying Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He achieved an overall 5* in both the HKDSE Chinese and English exams. He achieved a 5** in the HKDSE Maths exam. He had more than 3 years of teaching experiences. 

Mr Yie

Mr Yie is studying Actuarial Science at the University of Hong Kong. He achieved an overall 5* in  the HKDSE Chinese, English and Maths exams. He had more than 3 years of teaching experiences. 

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