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After School Tuition - Striving for Excellence

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Every year, entrance requirements for the best further education places throughout Hong Kong get tougher as competition increases.

Meanwhile, we're seeing significant changes in the national curriculum. Most primary schools classes have more than 30 students to one teacher. This simply does not give any child the individual attention they need. 

The after-school tuition provided by Rising Star offers you peace of mind that your child will be given the attention they need to really understand the subject matter.

At Rising Star, we offer a bespoke, purposeful and effective educational experience in a neutral, relaxed and fun environment .

We follow the national primary school curriculum for all subjects and our class includes homework checking, dictation, tests and exams preparation.

We strive to give each student the time and attention they individually need.

All teaching staff at Rising Star have experience in education and as practising teachers at schools.

Supporting and stretching your child to ensure they achieve their best possible results.

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Academic talents

Session A: 15:30 - 17:30

Session B: 17:30 - 19:30

Extended session (3.5 hours): $Monthly Tuition x 1.5 [E.g. P.3 student who attends 3 days/week --> $1,750 x 1.5 = $2,625]

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