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Judge and Gavel

Little Lawyer Programme




Based on fun, engaging games and activities, our Little Lawyer Programme is aimed at 4 to 15 years old who would like to learn to communicate effectively and confidently. Through a series of workshops and classes incorporating the theory and practice of law, students will learn how to present their ideas in a clear, structured and concise way. We aim to improve students critical thinking, public speaking, presentation and teamwork skills.

The emphasis is on fun, yet students will learn the basics of argumentation, questioning, public speaking, news reporting and speech writing.


Teaching students to speak, think and write like lawyers

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.         —Albert Einstein

Age: 4 to 15

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

How long: 1 hour

When: Tuesday, Saturday (or Online Tuition)

Learning Goals




      Critical Thinking

      An Understanding of the Law


      Conflict Resolution


Learning process for logical thinking and writing

I - Issue 

R - Rule

A - Analysis 

C - Conclusion

"The success of your presentation will be judged not by your knowledge you send but what the listener receives."

                                                                                  LILLY WALTERS

Nursery School


Age: 4 - 7

An Introductory course for students who are new to public speaking and want to build their confidence. A great way to ease students in and provide a solid foundation to build upon.

Price: $420 / class

10 classes per course

Course commencing on 28/7

Teacher and Kids in Library


Age: 8 - 11

This course gives primary school students a head start on their public speaking and speech writing skills in a fun and welcoming atmosphere in order to develop their presentation ability further.

Price: $420 / class

10 classes per course

Course commencing on 28/7

Technology at School


Age: 12 - 15

This course combines multiple practice debates and a range of theoretical sessions to help secondary school students consolidate their knowledge, exercise their debating skills and gain exposure to interesting and pertinent topics.

Price: $420 / class

10 classes per course

Course commencing on 28/7

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